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Monica Mendez sunglass Design was born in Milan, the home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s renowned painting, “The Last Supper.” sungkl

We are based on Milan’s fashion legacy, as we aspire to create sunglasses that combine both style and functionality. Our collection features a range of designs suitable for all-day wear, each with classic lines and lenses tailored for clear vision, comfort, and versatility in taste and fashion.


We brought together the best of an American and European design for our goggles.

Our designs are built to endure and suit any occasion, transforming our pieces into essential, every-day accessories. Our goal is to bring our eyewear to every corner of the world, creating a store where your style is the protagonist.

The goggles with premium textures and finishes

Matte, Tortoiseshell, Brilliant, or Transparent Frames. Our designs cater to all personalities, offering everyday eyewear that stands out from other brands.

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